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Blood Test

Blood tests can help doctors: Evaluate the kidneys, liver, thyroid, and heart—are working. Diagnose diseases and conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, anemia, and coronary heart disease. Find out whether you have risk factors for heart disease.

Urine Test

A regular urine test may be done to help find the cause of symptoms. The test can give information about your health and problems you may have. The kidneys take out waste material, minerals, fluids, and other substances from the blood to be passed in the urine.

Sputum Test

A sputum culture is a test to detect and identify bacteria or fungi that infect the lungs or breathing passages. Sputum is a thick fluid produced in the lungs and in the adjacent airways. A sample of sputum is placed in a sterile container and sent to the laboratory for testing.

Stool Test

The stool culture is a test that detects and identifies bacteria that cause infections of the lower digestive tract. The test distinguishes between the types of bacteria that cause disease (pathogenic) and the types that are normally found in the digestive tract (normal flora).

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